Young Hobo

Along the Tracks – U.S.A. – America

“If you could choose – to live like your parents: to drudge like your parents in some factory, working at day and drinking at night, just making ends meet, or to leave this daily grind behind, breaking off and becoming a vagabond – what would you choose for?” — Toadstool, 22, Hobo
Instead of pursuing career, security and possession, hoboes like Toadstool free themselves off all of that.
There are hoboes since the American railroad reached the pacific. Vagabonds, in the past mostly migrant workers, illegally riding freight trains across the U.S.A.
A true hobo sticks to rules: He leaves when the dogs stop barking, he does not impose on anybody, doesn’t leave trash nor traces behind, and helps fellow travellers.
But most importantly: a hobo lives – that is in liberty. Criss-crossing the country on freight trains; a country that is vast enough not that trains travel for days on end without encountering any human, car or even smallest sign of civilization. They love the thrill and the speed, nature and being exposed to the elements, but mostly they enjoy breaking the rules – sometimes law and always the canon of gainful occupation and consumer stress.


(Young Hobo is a collaboration with Claudius Schulze)